Variations of Color

The wonderful thing about hair and hair color is that, one colour can have so many variations depending on the style of hair, coverage and volume used. These pictures are to inspire you as a customer, to see what can be done! Our stylists have many, many years of...

A New Hair Look?

Tired of how your hair looks? It’s long but you wear it in a bun? Even when you’re out and about? Let it free! Try a new colour? Add a bit of a cut, layering and curls…. it’s drop dead gorgeous!

Soft Flowing Hair :)

Well you’ve gone through all that effort of growing your hair… you’re thinking of cutting it off completely!  No don’t do it! Do this instead… come see us, we will advise you on the best approach to managing and styling your hair....

Get Foils Done!

The best way to bring out your long hair is Foils and Streaks! A mixture of light and dark will leave a lasting impression. 
We’re Hiring!

We’re Hiring!

Hello all! Guess what! Simply My Hair is Hiring! Have a look at our Careers Page for more...